Half-Day Countryside Bike Tour

Kathmandu to Chobar is an awe-inspiring picturesque journey on wheels of cultural and historical significant. Get on a mountain bike and follow your guide to the tranquil outskirts  of Kathmandu on this half-day bike tour. It is one of the most fascinating rides to discover the history and charm of the ancient Nepalese villages. It takes your through to the narrow streets lined with stone buildings of Chobar and Kirtipur. As you keep riding amidst scenic roads breathtaking views of the Himalayas grabs your attention. It is a mesmerizing moment to get acquainted with local Newari culture. To get the best rewards out of this tour numbers are limited to 12 on this small-group bike tour. This ensures and allows the guide to brief you well with personalized attention along with light moments of enjoyment.

A ride of pride -
This leisurely paced tour begins with a formal introduction to your guide. You will meet your guide in central Kathmandu where you select a mountain bike and safety gear for your half-day tour. Next you will get on your bike and follow your experienced guide to the village of Chobar. A timeless pretty town of old stone buildings that sits on a green hill above the Chobar Gorge. As the legend goes it is said that the gorge formed when the Bodhisattva Manjushri took a mighty sword and sliced through the hill. By doing so it , it drained a primordial lake and created the Kathmandu Valley. This vicinity is filled with suspension bridge that spans across the gorge. Beneath lays the Bagmati River, where ritual ablutions and cremations sometimes take place.

We leave Chobar behind and continue to trail to one of the oldest parts of Kathmandu Valley, the historic town of Kirtipur. Sitting on a ridge against a backdrop of the Himalayas, Kirtipur welcomes visitors with its timeless atmosphere. Many of the town’s inhabitants are weavers – you may catch sight of dyed yarn hanging from the windows and hear the clattering of looms. Besides that as you take a look around the village impression of the ancient temples, architecture and handicrafts in Kirtipur can be seen. This city belongs to the Newari people, who have historically inhabited the old urban areas of Nepal like Kathmandu. The Newari are known for their mastery in fascinating craftsmanship in pottery, woodworking, and other arts, as well as their authentic delicacies.

Spending some time here is inevitable for getting back the energy spent while on wheels. It’s time to savor and fill up the appetite with mouthwatering varieties served in authentic restaurants. Respecting the eating traditions you’ll eat sitting on a straw mat and eating with your fingers in a local way. After you’ve rested up, your guide will lead you back to Kathmandu. Your bike tour ends but its memory will last forever.

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