Norway is a magical Scandinavian nation full of natural phenomena & beautiful landscapes. Whether it’s about the magnificent Northern lights or exotic night-out adventures of Norway, you’ll never be disappointed! Still one must know the “best to enjoy the most”. Here is an insightful adventure list to keep you afloat on the top nightlife fun in Norway.
Nodee Sky, Oslo
For all the skyline view lovers out there, Nodee Sky is the perfect spot to witness the alluring Nightlife of Norway.  Settled on the top-most floor of two Nodee premises in the Barcode district, Oslo this place is the epitome of surreal night views. A lift takes you up to the top of the building giving a pristine view of Bjørvika and the entire Oslo.
Stratos, Oslo
One of the finest Norway nightclubs Oslo, Stratos will remind you of NYC in a way. This happening nightlife spot lets you enjoy mesmerizing views of Oslo as the bar is located on the eleventh floor. If you are here with a group of friends, the fun will only escalate and the night will become unforgettable.
Lawo, Oslo
When the music is great and the food is sumptuous, there is nothing more to wish for! Lawo is a paradise for youngsters looking for a taste of Norway's nightlife. You will meet a bunch of well-dressed people with high spirits on your visit to Lawo.
No Stress, Bergen
Bergen, Norway nightlife is one of the most happening things when it comes to nightlife in Norway.No Stress couldn’t be named more aptly, after all, it does a huge favour of eradicating all the stress in your mind. Everything here will make you forget about all the problems in your life. If you are looking for the best clubs in Norway, this would be your pick, especially if you are a gamer at heart.
34th Restaurant & Bar, Oslo
If you are really enjoying such bird-eye views of Norway’s nightlife scene, then there’s one more gem that can totally surprise you! It is the 34th Restaurant & Bar in Radisson Plaza Blu Hotel. With a stunning elevation of 110 meters from the street level, you can surely grab the most astonishing panorama of the city.
And the four-star hotel reputation of Radisson Plaza Blu Hotel keeps the stakes always high when it comes to a high level of service and quality. 
Diskoteket, Trondheim
  Diskoteket is one of the city’s popular clubs for enjoying world-renowned DJs live. Throughout the week, they make sure you fire the dance floor with your highly cool moves. If you think dance is not your cup of tea! Well, the bar is filled with tonnes of refreshing drinks.


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